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S&W Welding still going strong after 30 years
Manufacturing Boot Camp’s goal is to find, train employees
Klitz: Trip to Korean War Memorial ‘super,’ but reception at Omaha made it special
Crowning moment
Always at your side
S&W Welding still going strong after 30 years Wes Schulzkump, left, and Hal Wagner stand beside one of the staples of their S&W Welding business, the Blow Hard Bunk Cleaner. Right at 50 of them are sold each year. The West Point business is marking its 30th year. See more here: S&W
Manufacturing Boot Camp’s goal is to find, train employees Clarence Schmitt had a passion for helping others succeed in school and business. And his desire to help others better their lives  by furthering their education lives on after his death in 2012.
Schmitt’s son, John, helped introduce the Manufacturing Boot Camp last week at a meeting Thursday night at the Nielsen Community Center, West Point, where the classes will meet.
Klitz: Trip to Korean War Memorial ‘super,’ but reception at Omaha made it special Francis Klitz had been to the Korean War Memorial a few years ago while visiting relatives on the East Coast.
He wasn’t going to pass up a second chance, especially when it meant traveling with a few hundred other veterans of that war.
Crowning moment In a program showered with tradition, Guardian Angels Central Catholic elevated to a level never before reached as they captured the Class C-2 state speech title.
The championship, which was captured Friday at the University of Nebraska-Kearney, marks GACC’s first-ever state title in speech.
Always at your side Tradition runs deep for the West Point-Beemer wrestling program. The backbone of that tradition is consistency.
And it’s guys like Jason Redmond who provide that rock-solid foundation thanks to a ton of hard work and dedication.

Walters’ many trips to Africa only convinced him to take more

It’s hard for some to understand why poverty continues to stifle the people in Africa.
Not so for Steve Walters of West Point, who has made several trips to various countries on that continent over the past 13 years.
“Africa has the most natural resources of any continent,” he said. “It may be the richest continent with the poorest people.”
Walters and the organization he works for, The Navigators, are trying to change that.
The former school teacher who left education to start a window replacement business, Walters is once again trying to educate people, helping them prepare for the next step in their lives.
“Giving people hope and a vision for a little brighter future is rewarding,” Walters said. “It can make a huge difference. I feel blessed to be able to do this work.”
He had no intention of another career change back in 2000 when he made his first trip to Africa. He went after hearing a person from Kenya speak at a conference about the need for Christians with small business backgrounds to come to Africa and share both their Biblical and small business perspectives.
So he went to Kenya. Then he went to Zimbabwe. Then to Ethiopia and back to Kenya.
After seeing and experiencing more of what was happening, Walters was asked by The Navigators to serve with a team of people that was working in Kenya. After discussing it with his wife, and praying, Walters decided to get on board. That was in 2004.
Early on, he was involved in establishing microenterprise businesses in Kenya. The goal was, and still is, he said, to help people in Africa become Christian businessmen and women.
“The great need is employment. If you don’t have a job you battle for survival,” Walters said. “But it takes help. It may take a loan or it may take coaching. But we try to help them earn money.”
His job now, as Director of African Partners for The Navigators, is to find businessmen and women to go to Africa to meet the young entrepreneurs. Walters has taken a few men from the West Point area on trips, and a handful more will go with him to Chicago this year to learn more.

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