A brief evening prayer event will be held at Trinity UMC/UCC on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Starting at 6:00, the event will be an effort to give thanks to first responders, from those in New York on the day, to West Point’s own.

Rev. Priscilla Hukki of Grace Lutheran Church said the event was put together to give children an easy way to understand the sacrifice and value of first responders.

“Honoring and praying for our first responders is a good way to let children understand they have a choice to do good in their community,” Hukki said. “There are people that make their choice, and sometimes it means their lives, but more often it means just making a difference in someone else's.”

Hukki said the service will be informal, involving short prayers and songs, and will welcome first responders from any jurisdiction to honor them.

“It is a time when what they do will be showcased,” Hukki said. “It's also a time for the community to give thanks for the service they offer.”

Children in school today are learning about the Sept. 11 attacks as a piece of history, instead of current events or contemporary issues, which Hukki said was a great reason to get children involved.

“I thought it was appropriate to do something in memory of 9/11,” Hukki said. “These children are all three year olds to eighth graders, for them 9/11 is something they read about in history, but it's important to remember it and mark the day.”

One way to mark the occasion, Hukki said, is to have the Christian Ed class make and give tokens to first responders in attendance Wednesday.

“We are giving them little tags that say ‘peace be with you’ or ‘Gods got your back’,” Hukki said. “They put beads on them and dressed them up, and made thank-you cards.”

Hukki said she believes it is important that children are exposed to first responders and the work they do.

“For me, as a person of faith, we are called to love and serve our neighbors, and what they do is a very important way to serve their neighbors,” Hukki said. “When I was a child our house burned, and volunteer firefighters put it out. It’s important to recognize that service we all need, and it is a way to live out our faith every day through serving and caring.”