Opening children’s books and reading isn’t unusual for Nadine Peatrowsky. Doing it in front of someone recording her is out of the normal for the Early Childhood Educator.

Nadine teaches at the Early Childhood Education Center at GACC. She is currently on medical leave and misses her students.

Nadine has recovered some of her energy and is feeling better following three chemotherapy treatments. She wanted to touch base with her students and let them know she is thinking of them.

With a weakened immune system due to chemotherapy she knew visiting school would not be a good idea.

With the help of her youngest daughter, Brianna, the children are hearing the familiar voice of Mrs. Peatrowsky and also seeing that she is able to be with them, if only through a video.

In October Nadine was diagnosed with colon cancer. She lost her energy as part of the cancer. After reaching the half way mark with her chemo-therapy treatment, energy has returned, and she is feeling better.

Nadine isn’t used to sitting at home with time on her hands. She has been involved with children since she obtained an associates degree in Early Childhood Education following graduation from high school.

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