Little Free Pantry

The box on the north side of the garage at 1040 North Lincoln Street is small.

But what it holds could be big for some local residents.

The box, called “Little Free Pantry,” was put there this past week by Jim Falk.

Inside the box is an assortment of food items and possibly some household items intended to help those struggling to get by until their next paycheck, he said. 

Falk said the idea came from his son-in-law, who does work for a church in Lincoln. The Little Free Pantry idea has been around for a few years in larger cities, so Falk said he decided to try it in West Point.

He and his wife stock the box for now, but they hope others will take notice and help.

“Those who would like to help can place food in the box or can leave it on our porch at 1040 N. Lincoln Street,” he said. “For right now,  because it’s winter, food should be dried food — such as pasta, protein bars and oatmeal — so it won’t freeze. Canned goods can be added in the summer.” 


No cost to use

There is no cost to those who need to stop and take out a few items. 

The box is unlocked and open to anyone at all times. Neither he nor his wife will be checking to see who is taking or leaving food.

Falk said he doesn’t know if people will use it, but he thought it was worth a try.

“We’ll keep it going as long as it’s working,” he said. “We hope people don’t abuse it, but we want them to use it if they need a little help.”

He also hopes those who can help will do so by dropping off food. The pantry’s premise is “take what you need, leave what you can.”