Farmer's Wife's Market

Jessica Henrich, owner for the Farmer's Wife's Market showing off her eggs

Wisner-Pilger teacher, Jessica Henrich, has been on a farm since she was a child. She grew up on a farm near LeMars, IA where her family raised hogs and were crop farmers. Henrich made the move to Wisner because that is where her now husband Mitchell resided. The switch from hogs to cattle was not much of an adjustment for her and the dreams began to have their own acreage. The two tied the knot in June 2021, and less than a week after their wedding they moved onto their very own acreage.

They have grown their family farm and an unexpected adventure with chickens opened up the way to start an at-home business. “The funny thing is, I never actually wanted chickens. In fact, I have been terrified of them my whole life! But, my husband let me get another dog, so in return I told him he could get some chickens,” said Henrich. She conquered her fear however and while there will be no chicken cuddling, she retrieves the eggs from her abundant layers!

There were so many eggs in fact that it was more than they could eat themselves which started an idea to sell the eggs to the family, friends and the community. With the support of friends, Henrich decided to step out and launch The Farmer’s Wife’s Market.

“Through the feedback from the community and the increased prices in stores, our eggs are flying out of our coop as fast as the chickens lay them!” said Henrich.

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