Approaching 273,000 total miles travelled on bikes, German Rev. Hans Myors came through West Point Tuesday during his most recent mission trip.

Myors came to the United States in the late 1970s and spent more than two decades as an evangelical minister, departing for the first time from the Northwest.

“I started this adventure in February 1993 out of Portland, Ore., and this is my seventy-fifth trip,” Myors said.

He is pedalling his eighth bicycle, four having been traditional bikes and the other four being recumbent bikes like his current one.

“This is Allison. It is an aluminium-frame bike and out of the three models there were only 1,000 made,” Myors said.

At just over 3,500 miles on this trip, Myors said he supports himself on his faith and the goodwill donations of those supporting him.

Myors started this trek March 22 in Mississippi and has gradually made his way towards Nebraska. He made stops in Ponca and Wayne before stopping in West Point, leaving town Tuesday on his way to Fremont.

“I’m headed to Fremont and then going up to Blair to cross the Missouri River back into Iowa,” Myors said. “I’m going back to the east coast towards upstate New York. It’s just too hot through here right now.”