One of District 16 State Senator Ben Hansen’s first bills introduced this session drew several responses — pro and con — after West Point News posted information about it on its Facebook page last week.

His bill -- LB378 -- would allow operation of motorcycles without helmets in Nebraska.

Hansen said, “This isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue that should be decided by politicians in Lincoln. This is a freedom issue. Motorcycle riders are smart, competent people. I would much rather leave the decision to wear a helmet to them, especially when that decision doesn’t affect the lives of anyone else on the road. As a physician, I understand the risks, but I also believe that people have the freedom to make their own decisions without government telling them what to do.”

The change would apply to persons over the age of 21 and would still require some form of eye protection.

The WPNews’ Facebook post reached more than 8,600 people and as of this morning (Wednesday) had 46 comments. The post is still up on WPNews’ Facebook page.