Art Stieren of rural West Point brought in an interesting photo from 1917.

The photo was titled, “September draft-1917, Cuming County WW1.” One of those pictured was Art’s father, Carl T. Stieren.

Art also shared the news clipping that was printed in the local paper after his father returned to West Point.

In the Feb. 10 newspaper the article shared that George Schueth and Carl Stieren were added to the return list of soldiers in Cuming County. They had been gone nearly two years.

The article continues:

“They entertained at West Point for Camp Funston, Kan. on Sept. 22, 1917. For three weeks they were in the Depot Brigade at that place. That fall they were sent to Camp Cody, at Deming, N.M. where they were placed in Company F, 134th Infantry, 34th Division.

They took their military training at that Camp until June 14, 1918 when they were sent to Camp Merritt, New Jersey.

For the full story, pick up the November 8 West Point News, or call 372-2461 to subscribe.

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