Kristin Nadrchal and Chelsee Hohenthaner probably played wedding day as children. Undoubtedly one of them was the bride, the other a bridesmaid.

The sisters had many similar interests growing up, including sewing and baking and just about any made up game sisters could pretend at.

As adults, they have found a business that, just like when they played, they can do together. Kristin and Chelsee, nee Leitow, are Kristin and Chelsee Photography.

“We always took photos together growing up,” Chelsee said. “We were in 4-H and sometimes we entered our photos in the fair.”

Kristin went to college and one of her classes was photography. She used her younger sister who agreed reluctantly to be her model.

“We talked and both of us agreed we wanted to pick up our cameras more.”

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