Lizzy Jo Richtig is sharing her love for cooking food with the Wisner community and brings a variety of cuisines to her customers.

Self-taught chef and baker Lizzy Jo Richtig is passionate about sharing her love of food with others. What started off as a hobby has bloomed into something bigger than she expected.

After the birth of her daughter 8 years ago she started experimenting with cake decorating. “I started off just making cakes for my family member’s birthdays and then that's when it really kicked in for me; I thought to myself, "I really enjoy this and I'm kind of good at it!" said Richtig. She began a journey of experimenting with new goodies, new designs and flavors. Surrounded by support from her family and friends she began taking customized cake orders and stayed on the sweet side for a few years before taking a break to enter into the savory world.

Richtig’s journey into the savory cooking world has been a lot of trial and error but is has led her to find her own style, flavors and specialties. “I like to think my expertise in is Mexican and Asian food. If you haven't tried my Birria tacos, tamales, or my hand made sushi, you're definitely missing out!” Richtig said on her specialty food that she offers.

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