Throughout the western United States drought and the overuse of water is causing rivers to dry up and reservoirs to run low. It’s a stunning example of what can happen when water supplies are overburdened and unreplenished.

Here in Nebraska our groundwater is a rare resource we are fortunate to have, but it’s also severely stressed. Our groundwater is recharged solely by precipitation, and water levels are dropping fast due to these exceptionally dry years. According to the National weather service, Northeast Nebraska is on track to have the driest year since records have been kept starting in 1894, almost half the normal amount. Groundwater resources are under increasing pressure as demand for water by municipalities and agriculture increase every year. Add in a prolonged lack of precipitation and you get a picture of the diminishing water supplies we are faced with. If this drought continues for an extended period, we could be facing the same fate as our western neighbors. It’s clear that we need to start preserving this precious resource now.

In order to preserve our groundwater for present and future generations and minimize the negative effects on everyone, the LENRD board of directors has the authority to protect our ground water by implementing certain restrictions during drought conditions. These actions are set in order to address existing and potential groundwater shortages due to drought conditions.

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