Mike's Own Spice

Pictured with featured items sold in store seasoned and marinated with Mike's Own are, from left, Mike Graybeal, Donna Graybeal and Heath Graybeal.

It’s right around the holiday season that the Graybeal family especially sees shoppers come into Graybeal’s Foods for a certain item. They are there to stock up on a kitchen staple that is near and dear to their hearts: Mike’s Own Spices and Marinade.

Sometimes they’ll see a customer balancing handfuls of bottles while standing in the check out line, other times, a shopper will be seen with 12 large containers in their cart.

Mike Graybeal said that on more than one occasion people have told him, “We can’t have Christmas unless we have Mike’s Own.”

“It's a very good stocking stuffer,” he noted.

How it started

The legacy started when Mike and Donna Graybeal owned the former West 32 Riverside Diner in town and Mike wanted to create a pre-blended spice for cooking.

Mixing together a base blend of salt, black pepper, onion, paprika, garlic and other spices, he came up with his signature blend.

Mike said it’s a good balanced spice and people can tailor it how they like, for instance, by adding more heat.

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