Over half of Cuming County voters went to cast their ballots during this year’s general election. The exact percentage for voter turnout in the county was 56.45 percent.

That was down just a bit from four years ago. The total in that election was 59.58 percent.

“I was hoping for more, you always do. But it was an average turnout for a non-presidential year,” Cuming County Clerk Bonnie Vogltance said.

With the all-mail precinct, their voter turnout was 70 percent. That included the townships of Lincoln, Bismark, Monterey and Elkhorn.

Vogltance imagines that having two mayor races in the county, one in West Point and one in Wisner, helped with this year’s voting numbers.

“That drew people in,” Vogltance said.

Bruce Schlecht was re-elected in West Point’s mayor race. Schlecht defeated challenger Kreg Schlautman by a total of 627-493.

And while Schlautman came up short, his 493 votes showed that he had support.

“The comment I heard from the poll workers here in West Point is that they saw a lot of younger people coming to vote. I’m thinking having Kreg in the mayor race influenced that,” Vogltance said.

In the Wisner mayor race, Terry Soden edged incumbent Chad Dixon by 13 votes.

Two amendments on the ballot also factored into the election numbers, Vogltance noted. Minimum wage and voter ID were the two big ones for local voters.

Initiative Measure 432 (voter ID) had 2,485 votes for and 608 votes against. Initiative Measure 433 (minimum wage) had 1,555 votes for and 1,527 votes against it.

Another local race decided was for the West Point Public Schools Board of Education. Incumbents Holly Hunke and Eric Brockmann were retained as school board members.

Also being voted to the WPPS Board of Education was Eunice Ramirez. Tom Black was the other candidate. Christine Torres received votes, but had withdrawn from the race prior to the election.

Ramirez will be taking the place of Scott Case, who has provided the board with 15 years of service.

Election decides more races

Elected to the Cuming County offices were: Assessor Cherie Kreikemeier, Attorney Daniel Bracht, Clerk Bonnie Vogltance, Clerk (District Court) Jeanette Norton, Sheriff Bradley Boyum, Surveyor Nicholas Seery, and Treasurer Ashley Marks.

West Point City Council members voted in were: Shea Stokely, Ward 1; Jerry Hugo, Ward 2; and Rusty Smith, Ward 3.

Wisner City Council members are: LJ Parker, Ward 1; and Cathy Gobar, Ward 2.

Voted in as Cuming County Board of Supervisors were: Supervisor District 1 Steven Meister, Supervisor District 3 Judy Mutzenberger, Supervisor District 5 Glen Wiechman and Supervisor District 7 Norbert Holtz.

Other election winners are listed below.

Wisner-Pilger Board of Education: David Raabe, Andrew Scholting and Mike Stuhr.

Bancroft-Rosalie Board of Education: Michael Nottlemann, Pat Browning and Casey Novak.

Beemer Village Board 2 year: Kory Strudthoff.

Beemer Village Board: Scott Haber, Scott Ortmeier, Brent Heinemann.

Bancroft Village Board: Zachary Soll, Cory Sebade.

LENRD Board of Directors: Mark Burenheide, Subdistrict 6; Roger Gustafson, Subdistrict 7; and At Large James Aschoff.

CCPPD Board of Directors: Brad Petersen, Subdivision 1; Greg Strehle, Subdivision 2.

NECC Board of Governors District 4: Terry Nelson.

Congressional District 1: Mike Flood.

Governor & Lt. Governor: Jim Pillen & Joe Kelly.

Legislature District 16: Ben Hansen.

Lincoln Township: Paul Coufal, Robert Evert, Loren Wiese.

Bismark Township: David Hatterman.

Grant Township: Glenn Eichelberger, Larry Moeller, Travis Hallsted.

St. Charles Township: Mark Harstick, David Schmuecker, Kenneth Ortmeier.

Sherman Township: Allan Franzluebbers, Matthew Meier.

Logan Township: Jeff English, Gerald Nebuda, Gene Wieneke.

Cleveland Township: Roger Peters, Paul Lehmkuhl.

Cuming Township: Craig Wooldrik, Andrew Wiechman, Nick Luebbert.

Garfield Township: Walter Luebbert, Larry Nitzsche, Dudley Persson.

Wisner Township: Benjamin Pestel, Dustin Sage, Nicholas Schrad.

Blaine Township: Alan Borgelt, Byron Keller.

Monterey Township: Paul Knobbe, Duane Throener, Jeff Meister.

Elkhorn Township: Don Brockmann, Kenneth Wordekemper, Roy Ritter.

Bancroft Township: David Macklin, Andy Soll, Byron Osten.

Note: If no one filed before the deadline or as a write-in candidate, and there are two certified elected board members, the township would have a quorum. The two existing board members, which would constitute a quorum, would appoint a person to fill the vacancy at a public meeting. If a vacancy exits for two or more members, the task to fill the vacancies would fall to the County Board of Supervisors.