4 back-to-school essentials to help keep kids healthy

(BPT) - New backpack? Check. Cool new shoes? Check. The right 24-pack of crayons? Check.

As a parent, you want to give your child everything needed for a successful new school year, and sometimes that means thinking outside the crayon box. Are you keeping these less obvious things front of mind?

"Being a mom means being prepared, especially as kids begin to explore their independence," says Whitney Port, TV personality, fashion designer and author. "I try my best to keep my son Sonny healthy through any of life's adventures, and this means thinking beyond the standard lists."

Every parent wants their child to feel their best. That's why it's important to add a few key items to your back-to-school supply list that help keep your child healthy:

Water bottle - Staying hydrated is important for kids of all ages, so add a new water bottle to your supply list to help encourage your children to drink up. If you let your child pick out the water bottle (from a few choices) that may encourage them to use it more too. Many teachers even allow students to keep water bottles at their desk, so they can stay hydrated without having to leave class to visit the drinking fountain. Bonus: A cool water bottle may discourage kids from wanting sugary alternatives.

Sunscreen - Sunburns can occur in as little as 15 minutes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. What's more, sunburn can happen at any time of year. Moms of younger students may want to stock up on sunscreen and apply to kids before school, paying attention to exposed areas like the face and neck. For older kids, consider tucking a sunscreen stick in their backpack, particularly if they play after-school sports outdoors.

Topical antiseptic - Whether at home, at school or during extracurricular activities, kids are bound to get minor cuts and scrapes. It's important to stock your first aid kit with products to help handle any mishaps. When it comes to treating minor cuts, scrapes and burns, Betadine, a topical antiseptic, is your first line of defense to help prevent infection and support healthy healing. It also has a no-sting promise. Learn more at betadine.com.

Healthy snacks - The start of school means packing snacks and lunches again. To encourage healthy eating at school and on-the-go in the morning and evening, stock the kitchen with nutritious snacks that give kids energy while fighting hunger pangs. Chopped fresh fruit and veggies are always a smart choice that are easy to eat on the run. Other filling and wholesome ideas include nuts, whole wheat crackers, popcorn and dried fruit.

"My child's health is a top priority," says Port. "For me that means staying one step ahead and anticipating any mishaps. That's why it's important to remain mindful of what I'm buying for Sonny, whether it's sunscreen to avoid sunburns or first-aid supplies like Betadine antiseptic cream to help prevent infection, to give me peace of mind that he is safe and healthy."

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