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Self-help books have been around for centuries. From the conduct books of the 1600 and 1700s that focused on gentlemanly behavior to the popularity of Chicken Soup for the Soul of the late 20the century, mankind has been obsessed with bettering themselves. The question remains… Is it working?

When it comes to small towns, opportunities are plentiful. And it’s always incredible to see when individuals take full advantage of those opportunities.

I have shared in past columns that cooking and sharing meals with family and friends is a huge passion of mine. During the week it has been just me and my partner taking the time to cook and eat together and reconnect after being apart all day.

Pre-West Point News, I was a journalism student at Wayne State College. There, I worked for the Wayne Stater, the college newspaper. My fall sports beat was WSC volleyball.

Exactly when and how it happens is probably a discussion for a quieter day. At some point, each of us come to the realization that we are more like our parents then we care to admit.

Is Valentine’s Day a shameless holiday designed to profit the gift card, candy and floral industry? Or is it ok to enjoy a day reveling in all things love? Jana, Curt and Ashley share their viewpoints.

As much as I have a hard time with winter at times between the cold, the darkness, and winter blues, this past snow storm brought my heart so much happiness!

So, we are halfway through January now, are you still sticking to the resolutions you made at the start of the new year? I’m sure some are and some are not, but either way it’s okay. Sometimes we make resolutions that are so big that we don’t really have a plan in mind on how to stick to the…

What started as a trip to Omaha to pick up his older brother, ended up being of eternal significance for a young man in Council Bluffs as Owen and I sat down for supper.

As the metaphorical page of December turns over to a brand new chapter of January, many people find themselves setting New Year’s resolutions, planning for the year ahead, and reflecting on the one just left behind. I am not one for New Year’s resolutions- I find the declaration to overhaul …

Happy New Year everybody!! Everyone starts with a clean slate and gets excited for what the new year may bring, but did you stop to think about everything that happened to you in the previous year? Did you have any firsts? Did you start a new job? Get a new vehicle? A new house?

We are a few days away from turning the page on a new year, and we at the West Point News would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2023.

In today’s world, there are a ton of challenges. Some good ones; some bad ones. Today, I will present a challenge of my own for 2023.

Greatest song ever? Maybe. Greatest rock song ever, probably.

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In my last column, I wrote about family meal time traditions and getting to experience a big family meal for the first time in quite a while. I ended the column with my excitement for Thanksgiving!

Are you ready for this? The fastest two and a half weeks of the high school sports year starts Dec. 1, which is the first official day that winter sports can begin in Nebraska. Schools will cram as many basketball games and wrestling meets in this two-and-a-half-week span before the NSAA sto…

Family, football, food, and a second serving of football, basically sums up a typical Thanksgiving Day for myself.

Dying is inevitable. It is an accepted truth. The odds of dying are the best odds you’ll ever be given. Have you ever considered the odds of being given life? Well, if death is the best odds you have in life, your being alive is the worst odds you can imagine.

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Halloween is just around the corner and all the kids will be in their costumes going trick or treating at various events being held around the county or door to door in neighborhoods. Some adults like to get in on the fun too and dress up in a costume.

Fall is officially here. The leaves are turning brilliant and vibrant shades of reds, orange, maroons and yellow. We had our first week of frosty chilly mornings that reminded us that summer is officially over and we have entered a new season.

Fall is officially here. The leaves are turning brilliant and vibrant shades of reds, orange, maroons and yellow. We had our first week of frosty chilly mornings that reminded us that summer is officially over and we have entered a new season.

Diversity as defined by American Entrepreneur Malcom Forbes, is the art of thinking independently, together. There is likely not a more inclusive ideal that should define our existence in Northeast Nebraska.

The Nebraska State Fire Marshall’s Office says that there are nearly 15,500 unpaid volunteer firefighters serving in 472 fire departments having a total of 575 stations across the state. As National Fire Prevention Week approaches, Oct. 9-15, now is a great time to thank the men and women wh…

Yes, this is a column on Saturday night’s Husker game. As a disclaimer, if you want a sports professional’s opinion on the game, I will defer you to my colleague Mike O’Brien who could give you an excellent review of the game with adequate sports analysis. But if you are interested in an acc…

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October is finally here. October is a very personal month for me and not only because it’s my birthday month. It’s personal to me because during the month of October people talk about fire prevention and breast cancer awareness. Both close to my heart because my dad was a firefighter and my …

Sitting at a computer in my home office playing around with a digital photo editing program in early 2000, I was surprised to hear a knock on the door that morning. Even more surprising was to find the now late Dewaine Gahan, co-publisher of the Oakland Independent and Lyons Mirror-Sun stand…

Soon lines will form at co-ops across the area as farmers anxiously await to unload the fruits of their labor as they race against time to bring in this year’s crops. Unlike many other production jobs, planting and harvest take place during a specific window of time each year. Often dictated…

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Although I use social media for journalism work, college football fan rivalry chatter and promotion of articles, the fact is, I’ve never really enjoyed nor liked the medium that’s taken over the world in the past 15 years.

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One year. Wow has it already been that long because it sure doesn’t feel it. For those who don’t know, it was about a year ago that I was hired as the sports reporter for the Wisner News-Chronicle by former owner Tom Kelly.

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This week's letters to the editor is a tribute to retiring managing editor Willis Mahannah. We've opened this up for all readers in honor of his 36 years of service to the West Point community and Cuming County.

A comment heard often at this year’s West Point Chamber of Commerce Partners in Progress banquet was that West Point’s “sense of community” is what attracts people to move here and helps keep them here.

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At least two families in Burt County lost their homes and most of their possessions in Saturday’s fire that swept through northern Burt County into Thurston County. This area is known for helping its neighbors, so those inclined to do so can purchase gift certificates to donate to the victim…

Elections and our subsequent right to vote are part of our identity as United States citizens.

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