I must be missing something here, because I still don’t understand the reasoning behind the desire of some of our state lawmakers who are backing the bill to conceal the name of the company from which the state is buying its drugs to carry out executions in Nebraska.

I voted against re-enacting the death penalty. I did so not because I don’t want those convicted of crimes that warrant death to be justly punished, but because I think our state is fraught with enough legal challenges pertaining to our prison system. And that was before the recent prison riots and deaths that resulted from them.

But the voters in the state have spoken and they overwhelming support the death penalty. I can live with that even if its likely will mean costly litigation. But if we as a state want to kill people, then we ought to at least man up and tell the public where the drugs to do so are coming from.

If not, then let’s find another method of execution.

The argument that drug companies are under attack for selling those drugs rings hollow with me. If there’s money to be made with those drugs, companies will make and sell them.

And since Nebraskans overwhelmingly support the death penalty, there shouldn’t be many from here attacking the companies that make them.

Moving on...

I’ve said it before but I need to repeat: Our lawmakers need to quit supporting and opposing bills based on what other states do.

I’ve heard it more than enough already. We aren’t other states; we are Nebraska.

Our bills need to stand or fall on the merits of what’s good or bad for Nebraska, not because this or that state does or doesn’t have something similar.

Print is alive and well!

Saturday evening wrapped up another year’s Nebraska Press Association Convention, and after three days of meetings and workshops I’m excited about what the future holds for community newspapers like the West Point News.

Those who say print is dead are missing the boat. We’re alive and well.

West Point News received several awards this year, enough to finish second in the sweepstakes standings for papers in the second largest circulation division.

It was a well-rounded year for us, with awards coming in advertising, sports, lifestyle pages, editorial writing, photography, youth coverage, website and use of social media.

Kudos to our entire staff.

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Drugs are harmful for health. It seems that some companies are providing different drugs to human beings and many people are using. According to company writing services there must be penalty for such companies because drugs can cause of death of human beings.


Great share Willis Mahannah and his edubirdie reviews I must say we should agree with you. Hiding drug company’s name can cause more death. We should take action on it thanks for informative share I will bookmark it.

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