Contrast - to compare or appraise in respect to differences.

Someone suggested life would be better if we lived it in reverse. Starting at an old age and working our way to youth. That is an interesting thought, but I am happy with the natural order of things.

There is great beauty that comes as the very color of life seems to fade during Fall. The bright colors of spring and green of summer gives way to earth tones in brown, yellow and orange. As the colors of nature change, so does the characteristics of life in general. Often reminded of my grandparents during this time of year, I am reminded of the beauty that comes as we say goodbye to this world and welcome the new.

I think I can honestly say I am looking forward to growing old, for the most part. I only need to look at my grandparents to discover the grace that can and should be displayed in old age.

My grandfather used to tell me I should never get old as he struggled to stand from his worn brown recliner. I could tell he was tired and that many activities that I took for granted were only to be enjoyed as memories for him. Yet, there was such a nobleness in the fragility of his aged body. A character that came from years of hard work and dedication was seen his weak arms and legs.

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