It was a bit surprising to hear from as many people as we did after a recent story that shared information on where people could dispose of roofing and other building materials.

The story mentioned where shingles being replaced after the April 15 hail storm could be taken. A number of people called or made a point to visit to ask what we meant when we wrote that, “every ton of that material dumped (in the city waste transfer trailer) instead of at Schmader Landfill costs taxpayers more. That’s because the city has to pay to haul loads from the transfer station to the landfill near Jackson, and Cuming County pays the dumping costs.”

The common questions went something like: “Why is the county paying those costs?” Or: “Since when did that start?”

It started more than 20 years ago. Because Cuming County doesn’t have its own solid waste disposal site, the county board agreed that the county would pay the dumping costs at the landfill near Jackson for the garbage dumped at waste transfer stations in West Point, Beemer and Wisner. A similar agreement covers the cost for garbage collected in Bancroft. In exchange, rural residents can dump items at the waste transfer stations in those towns at the same cost as the people living in those cities and villages pay.

So, the more recycling we can do, and the more use that Schmader Landfill gets for building materials, the less the county pays (from tax dollars) to bury garbage.

Though we were surprised at how many people said they didn’t know about that arrangement, it was good to hear from readers about it. We know we’ve shared that information in stories several times, but it reminds us of why it’s important to bring that information to people’s attention again.

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