It’s past time for editorials about speed zones and traffic controls in West Point.

Maybe it’s just because our office sits near the intersection of two highways and we witness the near misses more than others, but we need to get serious about the need to slow down traffic through West Point, beginning near the Travel Plaza on the north and at F Road on the south.

A stoplight at either 13th Street or the West Point Travel Plaza wouldn’t hurt, but it’s doubtful either will happen.

So... Perhaps another access to the Travel Plaza is a possibility? Even if just for use if needed by fire and rescue personnel. There are certain times of the day when emergency vehicles would have a difficult time maneuvering through traffic in that area.

Traffic turning off of the highway onto 13th Street has created problems for years. The situation improved a bit after West Point Dairy moved south of the city, but that intersection still gets congested too often.

To the south, the merging traffic – northbound from Highway 32 onto Highway 275 – is still an accident waiting to happen in front of Dollar General. Plans are in the works for a turning lane on Highway 275 near the South 275 Plaza, so that may help some with congestion there.

None of that solves the problem of speed limits still not having been lowered south of town after the city annexed property (south to F Road).

Few drivers like to slow down. We get that. But we also get that it’s needed as traffic flow and other situations dictate. And we think situations dictated that long ago.

We can do traffic counts until the cows come home three times, but the results won’t change the fact that we have areas along Highway 275 that need attention. And that attention is needed before any expressway work starts, because if you think there are issues now, wait until speed limits on the highways approaching West Point move from 60 mph to 65 mph when the expressway segments are open to traffic.

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Katie Street

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