Christmas is my favorite holiday and always has been. I love the cheery lights that sparkle and help light up the dark winter nights. I love the smell of fresh cut Christmas trees. The smell of a kitchen full of sweet Christmas goodies, baking and cooling. The excitement of surprises and presents! The general feeling between humans of good will and festive jolly just warms me to my bones.

I must admit though, I do have a Grinch side. I loved the Grinch movie as a child and still do. If you haven't seen the newest Grinch... I strongly encourage you to.

If you haven't seen the Grinch, it is a Christmas movie that is about this furry green creature that lives alone up on a mountain with his dog. The Whos are these lively characters that live in the village and go all out to celebrate Christmas. The Grinch is a character that hates Christmas due to his personal trauma and life story, so he plots one year to steal it from the Whos thinking that will take away their Holiday spirit and Christmas would be canceled. To his shock after stealing what he considered to be Christmas, the Whos still found a reason to sing and celebrate because they had each other and the material things weren't the true meaning of Christmas.

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