Are you ready for this? The fastest two and a half weeks of the high school sports year starts Dec. 1, which is the first official day that winter sports can begin in Nebraska. Schools will cram as many basketball games and wrestling meets in this two-and-a-half-week span before the NSAA stops everything for a five-day moratorium around Christmas time.

As a sports writer it can be a stressful time because I want to cover everything possible and have pictures to go with all the stories that I write. I know there will be some days that I can’t make it to certain games or meets because of either the time or location of them.

I love being able to cover all the sports I can in one day even if it involves lots of driving. I do it because I love my job, but also for the parents of the athletes. I have parents and others thank me all the time for the coverage that I do and for getting pictures because some parents admit that they don’t always think to take pictures or are just cheering so much for their kid that their pictures don’t come out very good.

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