Yes, this is a column on Saturday night’s Husker game. As a disclaimer, if you want a sports professional’s opinion on the game, I will defer you to my colleague Mike O’Brien who could give you an excellent review of the game with adequate sports analysis. But if you are interested in an account of a rookie’s first-time experience at a Husker game—you’ve come to the right place.

I was told if you live in Nebraska, attending a Husker game is a must. It just worked out that I had tickets secured for last Saturday’s game against Indiana University. Prior to the game, whenever I told someone I was going, their eyes would light up. Without fail I received nearly the same two responses from people every time: “Oh, you’ll love it!” and “It’s quite a show.”

I arrived at the UNL campus before kickoff and joined the crowds arriving in droves to get into the stadium on time. Half the fun was seeing everyone’s Husker attire.

Our group made it into the stadium in time for the tunnel walk. The music started and the excitement, intensity, and a wave of emotion took over the whole crowd. I could feel the adrenaline of the players and the fans in anticipation of the game.

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