The time for talk is over and for action to begin.

We’re just a rural weekly newspaper in Nebraska, but our voice — and more importantly — your voice needs to be heard by those we sent to Washington, D.C. to represent us.

This can no longer be a Republican vs. Democrat country. This has to be a united United States. There’s too much to be done for the division that has grown from a cavity to a canyon.

If there is that much division in Congress then it’s time we throw all of them out and start over. That includes Nebraska’s elected officials if they just tow the party line and don’t make efforts to bridge the gap.

We’re not talking about having to reach a consensus. But we need to work toward that goal. We get that people see the world differently and that it’s difficult to move governments forward. But the effort has to be made, and right now that effort is lacking.

Want proof? In the opinion of a group of academic experts from across the country who were asked to evaluate Congress by the Indiana University Center on Representative Government, the job performance of Congress has slipped to a grade of D for 2016.

“A very sizable majority of the experts think Congress’s record was extremely poor over the past year,” said Edward G. Carmines, Distinguished Professor, Warner O. Chapman Professor of Political Science and Rudy Professor at Indiana University.

What’s more, the preponderant view among the experts is that the worse is yet to come. In response to the question, “Overall, do you see signs from this past year that Congress will be working better in the future?” 52 percent replied “things will get worse,” while only 12 percent said “things will get better.”

Solving the problem won’t come easy. We need representatives who recognize that diverse views can often lead to better solutions if both sides can come together to work out the differences.

So, your job now is to tell your Congressional representatives to get to work.

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Donna Dorothy

Indeed one excellent article, I have read so much best essays about the talks of congress, I agree it is time for the congress to start on doing the actions not just saying about the change, Nothing will happen if they are not willing to bring the actions. Thanks for the article.

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