Diversity as defined by American Entrepreneur Malcom Forbes, is the art of thinking independently, together. There is likely not a more inclusive ideal that should define our existence in Northeast Nebraska.

As we consider the communities that make up the Elkhorn-Logan Valley, we find a diverse culture sharing a common vision for the future while working through common concerns. Realizing the uniqueness of each community is imperative to the collective survival of rural communities such as found in Cuming and Burt County.

Having lived in both West Point and Oakland over the last 28 years, I have come to realize that all of the cities and villages in our area are similar in that they are each made up of members that celebrate their respective communities and schools. It took me a while as a young man to understand this and the lesson continues to be learned.

As our communities continue to look to the future, it is imperative that we remain diverse and, in that diversity, we realize we need to independently work together. Although this is played out in many fashions, the local newspaper should serve as an example. It is imperative that the community newspapers maintain their identity.

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