Paving the way

Four girls from West Point-Beemer wrestled for Nebraska’s AAU National Championship team. They were, from left, Melanie Pena, Leigh Jahnke, Estefania Barragan and Jocelyn Pena.

It’s been a memorable year for West Point-Beemer girls wrestling. And the cherry on top for four Cadet wrestlers was representing Nebraska at the AAU national tourney in Des Moines, Iowa.

For Cadet junior Leigh Jahnke, competing on that level is an experience she won’t ever forget.

“It was awesome to represent Nebraska. It was really cool to meet the other girl wrestlers who are setting the pathway for Nebraska,” Jahnke said. “That’s what I’ll remember the most. Just meeting all the girls and coaches. That’s something I’ll always remember.”

Jahnke was one of four West Point-Beemer girls who wrestled for Nebraska’s 10-team roster. Other Cadet wrestlers representing the state were Melanie Pena, Jocelyn Pena and Estefania Barragan.

In addition to there being four Cadet wrestlers, WP-B’s Ray Maxwell served as one of the coaches.

“That was awesome, we were so well-represented as a school, especially with this being our first year of wrestling,” Jahnke said.

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