Still undefeated

Cadet Austin Streeter, along with head coach Troy Schlueter, storm the field as West Point-Beemer celebrates its thrilling overtime win over Pierce on Friday night. The Cadets’ 35-28 win kept West Point-Beemer undefeated.

As the second-half momentum continued to grow for Pierce, the game appeared to be slipping away from West Point-Beemer.

With their backs against the wall, the Cadets once again displayed its refuse-to-lose attitude as West Point-Beemer survived an overtime thriller with a 35-28 home win over Pierce Friday night.

“An overtime game comes down to heart. And we showed a lot of heart,” Cadet head coach Troy Schlueter said, putting extra emphasis on ‘a lot.’

One play was all it took for West Point-Beemer to find the end zone in overtime. The Cadet offensive line busted open a big lane and Blake Anderson rumbled in from 10 yards out for the game-winning score.

That was one of four touchdowns for Anderson on the night.

“We’ve been working so hard for this the past couple of years, and it’s great to see it finally come together for all of us,” Anderson said.

“We feel like we’re a really resilient team. We never feel like we’re out of a game. We always feel like if we play to our level, there’s no one we can’t beat.”

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