While not everyone will be seeing a decline in taxes this year, due to rising valuations in most cases, the news on the consolidated levy front is good for two of the four municipalities.

Wisner is looking at just under a five cents per $100 of valuation decline, and West Point a decline of just over four cents.

For Beemer and Bancroft residents, the story is pushing in the other direction. Beemer will see the sharpest increase of around 14.5 cents per $100 of valuation. Bancroft’s increase is right at five cents.

For Bancroft, this is the second year in a row of seeing an increase. When you add this year’s increase, and that of a year ago, the two-year total is 5.7 cents per $100 of valuation.

Making up the Bancroft consolidated levy are the village, Bancroft Township, Pender Hospital, Bancroft-Rosalie schools; and the following, which are part of all four municipalities- ESU 2, Cuming County Ag Society, LENRD, Northeast Community College, Cuming County, and a new one cent per $100 of valuation assessed for the Pathways 2 Tomorrow program.

For the full story, pick up the October 25 Wisner News-Chronicle, or call 402-529-3228 to subscribe.

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Although it is not anyone are going to my site help me with my science homework be discovering a new fall throughout income taxes this coming year, on account of soaring worth in many instances, good news for the combined garnishment the front is useful for a pair of in the a number of cities.

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