For three of the four municipalities in Cuming County, the sales and use tax has been in place just short of five years. Add to that the eight-plus years of the tax in West Point, and the receipt total is now over the $8 million mark.

To be precise, the total through July of this year is $8,542,359.26. The bulk ($6,337,426.46) of which has gone to West Point.

Wisner, which is just two months shy of a fifth year collecting the tax, has brought in receipts of $1,266,298.33. This, when broken down, adds up to around $21,832 per month.

The current year receipts for Wisner are at $207,857.08, with the year expected to reach close to the $250,000 mark. If that happens, it would be the second lowest total in the five years of the sales tax. Year one totaled $208,072.13. Years two through four have brought in $272,123.54; $289,790.62; and $288,454.96.

The 13 percent drop in sales taxes collected in Wisner, figured with the receipts topping out at $250,000 this year, goes with the trend in the county. Beemer should also witness around a nine percent drop in receipts, while Bancroft could see a drop of around five percent.

For the full story, pick up the September 27 Wisner News-Chronicle, or call 402-529-3228 to subscribe.

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