After tying up a few loose ends on the details, the Wisner City Council on Monday officially set the wheels in motion to sell a piece of city property just north of the Wisner Firehall.

Initially, the council had to decide whether to sell the property as a whole, or to piece it into two parcels. All were in favor of selling it as a whole.

The council will have to pass a resolution at the next regular meeting to officially get the ball in motion, but also agreed on Monday to sell the property by open bid at a council meeting, and to set a $5,000 minimum price on the property.

In some good news at Monday’s meeting, the council was informed that the city will receive a $375,000 grant from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development Civic and Community Center Financing Fund.

This total brings the amount raised to date to $625,000, and this amount can quickly rise to $1 million if an additional $75,000 can be raised that would trigger a $300,000 donation on a challenge grant from the Louis and Abby Faye Dinklage Foundation. More on this agenda item will appear in next week’s Wisner News-Chronicle.

For the full story, pick up the April 4 Wisner News-Chronicle, or call 402-529-3228 to subscribe.

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